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Sites of Interest

Country Parks

Barnwell Country Park – Grid ref: TL 035874 (Landranger 141)

Barnwell Country Park

Brigstock Country Park – Grid ref: SP 953850 (Landranger 141)

  • Landscape: Former Sand Quarry. Spoil heaps and diggings make for an undulating landscape. It is adjacent to Fermyn Wood.
  • Habitats: Grassland and dense scrub – through management has a wide variety of habitats including ditches, streams and ponds.
  • Birds: Nightingale (in Fermyn Wood), Turtle Dove, Hawfinch (in winter – numbers are very variable)
  • Dragonflies: A good site to look for dragonflies, Emperor Dragonfly, Four-spotted Chaser, Broad-bodied Chaser, Black-tailed Skimmer, Hairy Dragonfly (possibility at this site)
  • Butterflies: A good site to look for butterflies, 20+, Green Hairstreak, Grizzled Skipper, Dingy Skipper, Brown Argus
  • Flowers: Common Spotted Orchid, Bee Orchid
  • Fungi: St George’s Mushroom
  • Directions: On A6116 between Corby and Thrapston. A sign-posted turning off of the Brigstock bypass
  • Access: Public
  • Parking: Car park
  • Facilities: Information centre and children’s play area

Brixworth Country Park – Grid ref: SP 752693 (Landranger 152)

Brixworth Country Park

Daventry Country Park – Grid ref: SP 580640 (Landranger 152)

Daventry Country Park

Irchester Country Park – Grid ref: SP 915660 (Landranger 152)

  • Landscape: Former Ironstone Quarry. An unusual ridge and furrow effect left by the quarry workings leaves a distinctive area of woodland.
  • Habitats: A large area of predominantly coniferous woodland and a variety of other habitats including grassland and scrub.
  • Fungi: A good range of damp habitats and a good site. Look for Larch Bolete, False Chanterelle, Agaricus bernardii and a selection of waxcaps
  • Directions: The entrance is on the B570 between Little Irchester and Irchester
  • Access: Public
  • Parking: Car park – unfortunately Pay and Display
  • Facilities: Information Centre and children’s play area

Irchester Country Park

Sywell Country Park – Grid ref: SP 832654 (Landranger 152)

Sywell Country Park

Woodland Sites

Badby Wood – Grid ref: SP 565583 (Landranger 152)

Badby Wood

Fermyn Wood – Grid ref: SP 962857 (Landranger 141)

Fineshade Top Lodge / Fineshade Wood – Grid ref: SP 978984 (Landranger 141)

Public access from the car park signposted from the A43 between Corby and Stamford, 2 miles south of Duddington.

Fineshade Wood

Glapthorn Cow Pasture – Grid ref: TL 003903 (Landranger 141)

Glapthorn Cow Pasture

Harlestone Firs – Grid ref: SP 717640 (Landranger 152)

Hazelborough Forest – Grid ref: SP 652430 (Landranger 152)

Hazelborough Forest

Lings Wood – Grid ref: SP 802638 (Landranger 152)

Lings Wood

Salcey Forest – Grid ref: SP 802512 (Landranger 152)

Salcey Forest

Short Wood – Grid ref: TL 015912 (Landranger 141)

Southwick Wood – Grid ref: TL 025915 (Landranger 141)

Southwick Wood

Wakerley Great Wood\Wakerley Wood – Grid ref: SP 962981 (Landranger 141)

Wetland Sites

Hollowell Reservoir – Grid ref: SP 687730 (Landranger 141)

Hollowell Reservoir

Pitsford Reservoir – Grid ref: 780701 (Landranger 141)

Public access to the south-west of the causeway. Permit access to the reserve to the north-east of the causeway – permits from the fishermans Lodge at SE end of the causeway.

Pitsford Reservoir

Ravensthorpe Reservoir – Grid ref: SP 678708 (Landranger 141)

Ravensthorpe Reservoir

Summerleys Local Nature Reserve – Grid ref: SP 885634 (Landranger 152)

Public access from the car park on the Great Doddington to Wollaston road.

Summerleys Local Nature Reserve

Thrapston Gravel Pits\Titchmarsh Nature Reserve – Grid ref: TL 001800 (Landranger 141)

Other Sites

Collyweston Delphs\Collyweston Quarries – Grid ref: 885634 (Landranger 152)

  • Landscape: Former Slate and Limestone Quarry. Spoil heaps and diggings make for an undulating landscape. It is on the top of the slope that is the SE side of the Welland Valley.
  • Habitats: Unimproved limestone grassland with some scrubby areas.
    Managed by the NWT and is a SSSI.
  • Plants: A good site to look for flowers, 200+ including limestone specialists, Orchids, Dyer’s Greenwood in June\July, Autumn Gentian, Knapweed Broomrape
  • Butterflies: 20+, Brown Argus and Chalkhill Blue
  • Fungi: St George’s Mushroom
  • Direction: On A43 south of Stamford
  • Access: Public
  • Parking: In lay-by on the opposite side of A43
  • Facilities: Information board