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Micropterix tunbergella

B&F: 0001

ABH: 1.001

Status:  Resident

Distribution/Abundance:  Rare

Primary Habitat:  Woodland

Wingspan:  8-11mm

Flight Period:  May to June

Observations: Adults feed on pollen, sometimes seen swarming around flowers of trees. There are only three old records for this moth, all dating to 1907, credited to Eustace Wallis. In 2013, Mark Hammond netted a single specimen in Grafton Park Wood (SP98) in the afternoon, flying around Beech trees on 07.v.2013, and another in Bedford Purlieus (TL09) on 26.v.2013.

Confusion Species: 

L.O.N.:  1907. Many localities. Rather common.

First Record:  1907, Wallis.