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Cloaked Carpet Euphyia biangulata

B&F: 1793

ABH: 70.064

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Rare.

Primary Habitat: Woodland.

Flight Period: Recorded in July.

Record: 27 July 2008 Greatworth (T. Stokes).

Observations: The Greatworth moth above was taken in a garden light trap. There are four earlier records. Geddington Chase to 1907. Wallis’s unconfirmed entry in L.O.N. appears to have been confirmed in 1907 as at Geddington Chase by a manuscript entry in his unpublished notes. Weekley Hall Wood to 1932, Kettering Natural History Society records. Barford Bridge Kettering 27 July 1941. The locality for this record is given as, “Bridge Rockingham Rd.” This venue crops up in the records occasionally and I have been told that it refers to Barford bridge. Apparently this was a regular but lengthy Sunday morning walk for Arthur Cooper, who was in his late 70’s at that time, and on the way he would be looking for resting moths. In those days well before the dangers posed by traffic on a busy road it would of course have been possible to look closely at this bridge in safety. Lastly Bedford Purlieus pre 1950. The locality for this record is taken from a Peterborough Museum record card, the actual date and recorder are not quoted.

Confusion Species: Sharp-angled Carpet

L.O.N.: Uncertain. Requires confirmation.

First Record: 1907, Wallis.