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  The Ni Moth Trichoplusia ni  

B&F: 2432

ABH: 73.003

Status: Migrant.

Distribution and Abundance: Scarce

Records: 19 August 1996 Northampton (P. Sharpe), 4 August 2006 Wellingborough (D. Larkin), 2 August 1992 Kettering (J. Ward) and 5 August 2009 Oundle (P. Horsnail).

Observations: Although no other significant migrants were included in the catch on 2 August 1992 the catch on 19 August 1996 also included The Gem (0. obstipata) and Small Mottled Willow (S. exigua). The Wellingborough moth was taken with a Bordered Straw (H. peltigera) but there does not seem to be any significant migration accompanying the capture of the Oundle moth. This is also true of a further record which occurred on 8 July 2011 when a moth was taken in a Sywell garden light trap. This was rather smaller and differently marked but clearly the species in question.

Confusion Species: Silver Y

First Record: 1992, Ward.