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  Webb's Wainscot Globia sparganii  

B&F: 2373

ABH: 73.151

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Local.

Primary Habitat: Wetland.

Flight Period: Moths were seen in good condition in late August and late September.

Localities: Abington Park, Pitsford Water, Stanwick Lakes and Old Sulehay.

Observations: The first record for this species was taken in a Kingsthorpe garden light trap near to the River Nene. The second record for the species was also taken at light in conjunction with the Pitsford Water moth survey and a further moth was taken in a Wellingborough garden light trap situated fairly near to the River Nene. The species is known to have occurred in neighbouring counties and despite unsuccessful targeting in the past it has long been suspected that it was present in Northamptonshire’s wetlands. Subsequent records now show that the moth is locally established and is gradually increasing its range within the county.

First Record: 2005, Sharpe.