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  The Coronet Craniophora ligustri  

B&F: 2291

ABH: 73.047

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Common.

Primary Habitat: Woodland.

Flight Period: Single brooded in June and July.

Records: 5 August 2007 Evenley (C. Williams), 9 July 2005 Greatworth (T. Stokes), 11 August 2007 Woodnewton (N. Smith) and 9 July 2003 Old Sulehay Forest (R. Follows).   

Observations: Writing in the 1960’s in his unpublished paper on, “The Lepidoptera of Castor Hanglands and Ailsworth Heath 1911 – 1960,” R. E. M. Pilcher comments as follows on this species, “This is not as a rule a common moth in Britain but at Castor it is sometimes very common and very variable. In 1954 sixteen specimens came to light on one night.”  The moth has not been seen on the reserve since the period of the review and has generally declined throughout the county. Currently the species seems to have a discontinuous distribution being found in the north eastern Rockingham Forest woodlands and less frequently in the very south of the county.

L.O.N.: 1906. Farming Woods, Faxton, Badby. Not common.

First Record: 1843, Whitwell.