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  Dotted Chestnut Conistra rubiginea  

B&F: 2260

ABH: 73.197

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Local.

Primary Habitat: Woodland.

Records: 7 November 2006 Evenley Wood (C. Williams), 1 April 2004 Hazelborough Forest (T. Stokes), 13 October 2006 Northampton (B. Gill) and 26 March 2005 Pitsford Water (P. Horsnail).

Observations: All of the above moths were seen at light and were singletons. Two moths were taken at different dates in Hazelborough Forest in 2004, one on 1 April and the other on 9 April. This species is known to be expanding its range nationally and in 2007 a further two moths were taken in the county including one at Greatworth which was an additional grid square record. Further singletons of the species have been seen in subsequent years and on 23 February 2012 a seemingly gravid female moth was taken at light in Geddington Chase. To date this is the most northerly modern locality in which the species has been seen. This moth is depicted and was returned to the wood after photographing. The 1891 Lilford record is endorsed, “One specimen at ivy bloom.”

L.O.N.: Unrecorded.

First Record: 1891, Lilford, Edwards.