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  Langmaid's Yellow Underwing Noctua janthina  

B&F: 2110a

ABH: 73.347

Status: Vagrant/migrant.

Distribution and Abundance: Rare.

Flight Period: Recorded in August.

Record: 9 August 2011 Northampton (P. Sharpe), determined (G. Haggett).

Observations: The moth was taken in a garden light trap and the identity was confirmed by Gerry Haggett who has reared the species extensively. He was therefore able to state that in appearance the moth most resembled specimens from Austria and Germany. This is the first county record and the most inland documented record for the species to date. The set moth is pictured, demonstrating the increased dark suffusion on the hindwings, compared to that of Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing.

Confusion Species: Lesser Broab-bordered Yellow Underwing.

First Record:  2011, Sharpe.