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  Lunar Yellow Underwing Noctua orbona  

B&F: 2108

ABH: 73.344

Status: Former Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Local.

Primary Habitat: Woodland.

Flight Period: Recorded in June August and September.

Localities and Last Record: Weekley Hall Wood to 1923, Sywell Wood pre 1961 and Castor Hanglands pre 1961. Last record, 1976 Charwelton (K. Williams).

Observations: In addition to the above the moth was regarded as fairly common at Gretton in 1938 and was seen there until 1944. It was similarly described as fairly common in 1955 at Kettering, Bedford Purlieus and Wellingborough. The decline seems to have set in during the late 1950’s with the only other later record being in 1975 at Woodford Halse.

Confusion Species: Lesser Yellow Underwing

L.O.N.: Unrecorded.

First Record: 1842, Clark