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  Garden Dart Euxoa nigricans  

B&F: 2082

ABH: 73.314

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Local

Habitat: Gardens.

Flight Season: Single brooded in July and August.

Records: 2004 Grimscote (A. Molyneux), 2003 Thrapston garden (M. Hammond) 21 August 2010 Pitsford Water (D. Francis) and 23 July 2010 Collyweston Great Wood (R. Follows).

Observations: Generally the species appears to have declined in terms of abundance in the county. Old light trap records from a Wellingborough garden show the moth to be common in the early 1950’s with a high of sixty-eight moths in 1954. Whereas I have never seen numbers as high as this, I used to see the moth in small numbers in most years in my garden light trap until 1998, but have not seen it since. In the decade to 2009 the moth was recorded as a singleton in the Pitsford Water light traps in 2002, 2006 and 2010 and continues to be recorded in small numbers elsewhere.

L.O.N.: 1906. Wadenhoe. Not common.

First Record: 1882, W. Hull & H. Tomalin.