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  Clouded Buff Diacrisia sannio  

B&F: 2059

ABH: 72.023

Status: Former resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Rare - no modern records

Primary Habitat: Heathland.

Localities and Last record: Barnwell Wold and Helpston Heath. Last record 3 July 1965 Ailsworth Heath (B. Adams). 

Observations: The moth was recorded regularly at Helpston Heath in June and July from 1933 to 1957 by members of the Kettering and District Natural History Society, presumably by being put up by day. The 1933 record is dated 6 June and endorsed, “Net. Both sexes taken.” In his unpublished paper on, “The Lepidoptera of Castor Hanglands and Ailsworth Heath 1911 – 1960,” R. E. M. Pilcher writing in the early 1960’s states, “Used to be abundant on the heath land at the north end of the wood; 1939 when this was ploughed the moth became very rare and remains so.”

L.O.N.: 1904. Barnwell Wold.

First Record: 1843, Whitwell