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  Round-winged Muslin Thumatha senex  

B&F: 2035

ABH: 72.037

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Rather local.

Primary Habitat: Wetland.

Flight Period: Single brooded in July and August.

Localities: Yardley Chase, Rockingham Park, Blatherwycke Lake and Castor Hanglands.

Observations: Recent returns from the two static Pitsford Water m.v. light traps show the following annual catches: 1999 - 9, 2000 - 26, 2001 - 52, 2002 - 101 and 2003 - 59. One of the light traps is sited near to the boat moorings and the other on the edge of woodland, about 150 metres from the waters edge. It is significant for this wetland species that some 88% of the moths taken were at the moorings trap.

Confusion Species: Muslin Footman

L.O.N.: 1908. Wadenhoe.

First Record: 1908, Wallis.