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  White-pinion Spotted Lomographa bimaculata  

B&F: 1957

ABH: 70.279

Status:  Resident.

Distribution and Abundance:  Fairly common.

Primary Habitat:  Woodland.

Flight Period:  Single brooded in May and June.

Observations:  Prior to the advent of mercury vapour light, this moth was hardly recorded at all. Apart from a record in 1921 at Weekley Hall Wood that was adjudged, “very doubtful,” the first time that it appeared on Kettering lists was in 1933 and it was then not seen again until 1955. Currently it is taken in small numbers at light mainly in wooded areas, but in my experience nowhere as plentifully as amongst the old hawthorns at Collyweston Quarry. 

L.O.N.:  Unrecorded.

First Record: 1882, Hull & Tomalin.