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  Square Spot Paradarisa consonaria  

B&F: 1949

ABH: 70.272

Status: Unknown.

Distribution and Abundance: Rare - no modern records

Primary Habitat: Woodland.

Flight Period: Single brooded from May to July.

Record: 10 May 1980 Grafton Park Wood (J. Ward).

Observations: After the first record below there was a further record of the moth at Weekley Hall Wood in 1924, however in additional notes both this and the 1922 record are described, “Doubtful identification,” by Arthur Cooper. Despite several attempts the 1980 Grafton Park Wood record was not updated. The mapped record at SP75 covers two records, 4 July 1958 and 23 June 1965 from Salcey Forest. As these are later repeated sightings there is perhaps some hope that the moth still occurs at low density in the forest.

First Record: 1922, Weekley Hall Wood, Cooper.