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  Brimstone Moth Opisthograptis luteolata  

B&F: 1906

ABH: 70.226

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Very common.

Primary Habitat: General occurrence.

Flight Period: In overlapping generations from April to September.

Observations: Having regard to the extended flight period the species can run into large numbers annually. In general, records prior to the 1950’s show the moth to be on the wing for a much shorter period in the year. Wallis’s 1907 records below were from 10 May to 9 July and these were typical of the period. In 1938 records on 8 April and 23 July were regarded as early and late emergences. At that time it looks as if the county was more akin to the northern flight periods of the moth. The lower image is of an uncommon white form of the species recorded at Irchester Country Park on 22 August 2014.

L.O.N.: 1907. Everywhere. Abundant.

First Record: 1842, Clark.