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  Early Tooth-striped Trichoptreyx carpinata  

B&F: 1881

ABH: 70.202

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Scarce.

Primary Habitat: Woodland.

Flight Period: Single brooded in April and May.

Records: 30 April 1988 Salcey Forest (P. Sharpe), 24 April 2010 Yardley Chase (P. Sharpe), 30  May 2002 Old Sulehay Forest (R. Follows) and 14 May 1992 Easton Hornstocks (C. Gardiner).

Observations: The Salcey Forest record was of a singleton, which has not been updated despite a number of attempts. The nearby record from Yardley Chase was also a singleton as was the record from Old Sulehay Forest. Two moths were taken at Easton Hornstocks. There is generally a lack of continuity in the old records apart from in L.O.N. and at Castor Hanglands where R.E.M. Pilcher describes the moth as, “Not rare,” in his unpublished paper, “The Lepidoptera of Castor Hanglands and Ailsworth Heath 1911 – 1960.” It has not been seen there since the review period.

Confusion Species: Mottled Grey

L.O.N.: 1900. Near Kettering. Not uncommon.

First Record: 1882, Hull & Tomalin.