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  Lesser Treble-bar Aplocera efformata  

B&F: 1868

ABH: 70.193

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Fairly common.

Primary Habitat: Gardens.

Flight Period: Double brooded from May to September.

Observations: The moth is common at my garden m.v. light trap with both broods being seen in good numbers annually. In view of the numbers of moths that I see I suspect that the caterpillar is feeding on cultivated hypericums, but as there are none in my own garden I have to date been unable to confirm this. An example of the rare f. fimbriata, lacking bold cross bands was found in the county in 1991. All records prior to 1955 were ascribed to the Treble-bar (A. plagiata).

Confusion Species: Treble-bar

First Record: 1952, KDNHS