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  Treble-bar Aplocera plagiata  

B&F: 1867

ABH: 70.192

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Fairly common.

Primary Habitat: Grassland.

Flight Period: Double brooded in May and June and again in August and September.

Observations: Records from the Fineshade woodland Rothamsted light trap running for seven years in the 1990’s show eight moths recorded with an overall flight period from 26 May to 2 September. The second brood moths are often common amongst the St John’s-wort at Barford Meadows in August. They are easily put up in hot weather flying a short distance before resting. Prior to 1955, records for the Lesser Treble-bar (A. efformata), which seems to be marginally the more common of the two, were included under this species.

Confusion Species: Lesser Treble-bar

L.O.N.: 1907. Farming Woods, Sywell, Yardley Chase, Ashton. Easily disturbed in daytime. Visits Teazel. 

First Record: 1881, Porritt.