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  Broom-tip Chesias rufata  

B&F: 1865

ABH: 70.196

Status: Former resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Very local.

Primary Habitat: Woodland.

Localities and Last Record: Titchmarsh Wood to 1932, Old Head Wood to 1932 and Hazel Wood 1934. Last record 10 June 1972 Gretton (A. Pickering).

Observations: In the past unsuccessful searches have been made for the caterpillar and the moth in the Harlestone area. The presence of the wood ant in the firs is detrimental to other insects. The ants roam far from their nests along their prescribed tracks and can often be seen returning carrying caterpillars. Despite this and the lack of success to date, due to the extent of the broom there I think that the species is still likely to be present.

First Record: 1917, Cooper.