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  Dentated Pug Anticollix sparsata  

B&F: 1863

ABH: 70.129

Status: Former resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Very local.

Flight Period: Recorded in July.

Records: 1901 near Daventry (Mr. Cornish), 1961 SP78, locality unknown (B.R.C.) and 22 July 1934 Morehay Lawns (A. Cooper).

Observations: There is some doubt about the 1934 record as although shown on the record card as Dentated Pug it is shown in the annual report for 1934 as the Small Scallop (I. emarginata). The 1961 record from the Biological Record Centre gives no further details of the record or the recorder. The food plant of the species is yellow loosestrife, which in the 1990’s grew plentifully at Ashton Lake. Despite several attempts the moth was not found to be present there.

L.O.N.: 1901. Near Daventry.

First Record: 1901, Cornish.