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  Juniper Pug Eupithecia pusillata  

B&F: 1854

ABH: 70.158

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Scarce.

Primary Habitat: Gardens. 

Flight Period: Single brooded in July and August.

Records: 27 July 1988 Kettering garden (J. Ward), 3 August 1997 Kingswood (D. Howton), 31 July 1996 Fineshade (R.I.S.) and 25 July 1999 Sulby Gardens (C. Lowe).   

Observations: Although I have occasionally seen the moth at light in my own urban garden, all of my attempts to find the caterpillar on the cultivated junipers growing within the garden have failed. The species is probably more widespread in the county than the mapping suggests due to its similarity in appearance to other pug species.

First Record: Post 1961, Pooles.