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  Narrow-winged Pug Eupithecia nanata  

B&F: 1846

ABH: 70.168

Status: Vagrant/accidental.

Distribution and Abundance: Scarce.

Primary Habitat: Unspecific.

Flight Period: Recorded in May, July and August.

Records: 28 July 2004 Greatworth (T. Stokes), 27 July 1991 Hazelborough Forest (D. Howton), 22 July 2005 Kettering (J. Ward) and 31 May 2004 Priors Hall Quarry (P. Sharpe).

Observations: As the food plant of this species is heather, garden records of the moth are presumed to derive from planted heathers. The source of the other records is uncertain as heather is not established on either of the other two sites where the moth has been seen.

First Record: 1991, Affuso.