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  Campanula Pug Eupithecia denotata  

B&F: 1836

ABH: 70.185

Status: Resident. 

Distribution and Abundance: Rare.

Primary Habitat: Woodland.

Flight Period: Single brooded in July.

Records: 22 July 1996 Horn Wood (D. Manning), 29 July 1997 and 25 July 2000 Geddington Chase (D. Howton & J. Ward) and 2009 Oundle (P. Horsnail). 

Observations: Peter Gent’s record below appears on a Kettering and District Natural History Society record card and although not shown in his card index is probably from his garden light trap. Due to its similarity to other pugs it is possible that the species is under recorded in the county and may even occur amongst garden campanulas.

First Record: 1950, Sharman