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  Winter Moth Operophtera brumata  

B&F: 1799

ABH: 70.106

Status:  Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Common.

Primary Habitat:  General occurrence.

Flight Period:  Single brooded from November to January.

Observations: Due to its late flight period and sluggish behaviour the moth is under recorded. It is often abundant after dark in woodland sitting on herbage and trees in the autumn and on mild winter nights. Both sexes were common in Gradwell traps in the 1980’s at Geddington Chase. The Fineshade Rothamsted light trap running in woodland for seven years in the 1990’s recorded an annual average of twenty moths with an overall flight period from 3 November to 19 January.

Confusion Species: Northern Winter Moth

L.O.N.:  1907. Everywhere. Abundant. 

First Record:  1882, Hull & Tomalin.