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  Green Carpet Colostygia pectinataria  

B&F: 1776

ABH: 70.100

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Common.

Primary Habitat: Woodland.

Flight Period: Double brooded from May to September.

Observations: Apart from in 1934, when a moth was seen on 29 September, early records of the species suggest that it was single brooded flying in June and July. More recent annual site records show that the moth is clearly now double brooded and increasing in abundance.  Detailed data from the Pitsford Water static light traps for the five years from 1999 to 2003 show an autumn brood occurred in each of these years and a numerical increase in moths trapped to be as follows:- 1999 - 15, 2000 - 29, 2001 - 50, 2002 - 85 and 2003 - 92.

L.O.N.: 1907. Many localities. Common.

First Record: 1882, Hull & Tomalin.