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  Mottled Grey Colostygia multistrigaria  

B&F: 1775

ABH: 70.101

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Very local.

Primary Habitat: Grassland.

Flight Period: Single brooded in March and April.

Localities: Fineshade and Castor Hanglands.  

Observations: The Fineshade record is in respect of a singleton taken on 10 April 1995 in the Rothamsted light trap. The moth was common on the “heathland” at Castor Hanglands in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Whilst working this part of the reserve at night in March and April several moths of this species were attracted to Tilley lamps, which they followed with surprising persistence. Although the moth is almost certainly under recorded due to its habitat and flight time a 1969 record from Salcey Forest has not been updated despite several attempts.

Confusion Species: Early Tooth-striped

L.O.N.: 1907. Near Stanion. Not common.

First Record: 1832, Hull & Tomalin.