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  Pine Carpet Pennithera firmata  

B&F: 1767

ABH: 70.077

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Local.

Primary Habitat: Woodland.

Flight Period: Single brooded from August to November.

Localities: Hazelborough Forest, St. Andrew’s school grounds Northampton, Sulby Gardens and Geddington Chase.

Observations: The only occasions that I have seen the moth commonly was on 19 October 1996 and 7 October 1997 at Brampton Golf Course alongside Harlestone Heath when it was plentiful at m.v. light. This type of sandy acid habitat is preferred by the species and being uncommon within the county clearly reflects adversely in the records.

Confusion Species: Grey Pine Carpet, Spruce Carpet

L.O.N.: Vict. Hist.

First Record: 1902, Victoria County History.