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  Northern Spinach Eulithis populata  

B&F: 1756

ABH: 70.091

Status: Vagrant/Accidental.

Records: 27 July 2008 Thrapston (M. Hammond) and post 1960 Castor Hanglands (R. Pilcher).

Observations: The second record above is taken from an entry for the species on two Monk’s Wood record cards. In both cases the recorder is unknown but as it also appears on an “all time record card” for the Reserve prepared by R. E. M. Pilcher, probably in the early 1960’s, I have credited him with the record. As the larval foodplant of the species is bilberry, which I do not think occurred on the Hanglands in the 1960’s, presumably the species was not resident on the site. A further capture of a single moth was made in a garden m.v. light trap in Thrapston on 27 July 2008. This record has not been repeated since.

First Record: Post 1960, Pilcher.