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  Lead Belle Scotopteryx mucronata  

B&F: 1733

ABH: 70.040

Status: Unknown.

Localities: Castor Hanglands to 1945, Barnwell Wold 1890’s and in the vicinity of Northampton 1882.

Observations: The Castor Hanglands record appears in an unpublished paper, “The Lepidoptera of Castor Hanglands and Ailsworth Heath 1911-1960,” by R. E. M. Pilcher and is endorsed, “Not since the war.” The Barnwell Wold record is contained in Eustace Wallis’s unpublished material and endorsed, “Not common in July.” The Northampton record is from Hull & Tomalin’s list and no specific locality is given.

L.O.N.: Unrecorded.

First Record: 1882, Hull & Tomalin.