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  Treble Brown Spot Idaea trigeminata  

B&F: 1711

ABH: 70.012

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Local.

Primary Habitat: Waste ground.

Flight Period: Mainly single brooded in June and July.

Records: 22 July 2002 Farthingstone (P. Egerton), 1 July 2001 Boughton Park (D. Howton), 23 July 1996 Fineshade (R. I. S.) and 7 June 2004 Castor Hanglands (C. Gardiner).

Observations: Prior to the 1996 record above the last time that the species was seen in the county was on 17 August 1970 at Broughton. This record is unusual amongst the early records in that it is clearly of a second brood moth; all others have been seen from late May to mid July. In addition to the Castor Hanglands record above a moth was taken at Old Sulehaay in 2004 suggesting that the species is increasing its range within the county.

L.O.N.: 1901. Weedon, Brigstock. Not common.

First Record: 1882, Hull & Tomalin.