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  The Mocha Cyclophora annulata  

B&F: 1676

ABH: 70.031

Status:  Former resident.

Distribution and Abundance:  Local.

Primary Habitat:  Woodland.

Flight Period:  Double brooded in May and June and again in July and August.

Localities and Last Record:  Old Head Wood to 1932, Weekley Hall Wood to 1941 and Castor Hanglands pre 1961. Last record 1973 Grafton Park Wood (F. Adams).  

Observations:  The moth used to be disturbed from its foodplant maple and surrounding herbage by day. Although it was described as common at Castor Hanglands in a review for the years 1911–1960, records from elsewhere in the county suggest that the decline set in during the 1940’s.

L.O.N.:  1907. Geddington Chase, Farming Woods, Yardley Chase. Rather common.

First Record:  1863, Smith.