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  Red-tipped Clearwing Synanthedon formicaeformis  

B&F: 0380

ABH: 52.008

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Local.

Primary Habitat:  Wetland.

Flight Period: Single brooded in June and July.

Localities: Yardley Chase, Pitsford Water, Thrapston Gravel Pits and Borough Fen Decoy.

Observations: Prior to 2004 the last known records for this species were in 1975 from Borough Fen Decoy and then back into Victorian times. It was always suspected that the species was present in some of the county’s eminently suitable wetland areas but repeated visual searches over the years had produced no results. This lack of success continued with the advent of pheromone lures until 2004 when the Borough Fen Decoy record was updated. Two moths were then recorded at Pitsford Water and four at Yardley Chase also to pheromone lure, suggesting established colonies in at least these localities. Even more sites were added during the 2005 season. These were mainly seen at pheromone attractants although a moth was observed at rest in Fermyn Wood independently of the lure. The recording application and resultant successes over the past two years have changed the known distribution of this species from one without recent records to one of the county’s most well recorded clearwings.

Attracted to artificial lure FOR (MYO less so) - best time 11am to 2pm

L.O.N.: 1890. Near Kettering and near Peterborough. 

First Record: 1888, Wallis.