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  Orange-tailed Clearwing Synanthedon andrenaeformis  

B&F: 0378

ABH: 52.010

Status: Resident.

Distribution and Abundance: Local.

Primary Habitat: Woodland.

Flight Period: Single brooded in June and July.

Localities: Salcey Forest, Yardley Chase, Bedford Purlieus and Castor Hanglands.

Observations: The caterpillar of this species was found to be well established on wayfaring trees at Bedford Purlieus in 1962 and then again on a single tree in the 1990’s. A moth was seen flying around this tree in the year 2000. A single moth was seen at rest on a large wayfaring tree at Castor Hanglands in 1996. With the advent of pheromone lures the moth was found to be well established during the 2005 flight period in Salcey Forest and Yardley Chase. The species is undoubtedly more widespread in the county than records suggest and is likely to pretty well follow the distribution of its host the wayfaring tree.

Attracted to artificial lure VES - best time 11am to 12pm

L.O.N.: Undated. Ashton Wold.

First Record: Pre 1910, Rothschild.