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The Best Garden Tools For Wildlife And Your Garden.

The best garden tools for wildlife and your garden.

n this article we tend to take a look at the best garden tools for wildlife in your garden. We want to have a look at the tools that will have the absolute minimum impact on wildlife, whilst being totally practical for use your garden.

It’s so easy just to walk into a shop and buy a garden tools, but the problem is you really don’t know how it’s going to affect the garden, as well as the wildlife in it. We’re going to go through in-depth some of the most sympathetic and easy-to-use garden tools.

The humble fork and spade.

When it comes to turning over the garden the most sympathetic tools are those that are operated by hand. You really can’t go wrong with a simple fork and spade. The worst damage that you can do is to earthworms. But even if you split one you won’t kill it. It’s a well-known fact that it won’t die if you cut the tail off of a worm it will continue to live and repair itself. So, when possible, use a fork to minimise catching them, but when it’s not possible don’t be concerned about using a garden spade. Given that a fork and spade cause little vibration, it’s likely that you won’t upset any wildlife in your garden in the process.

Use hand shears rather than strimmers.

Because hand shears are extremely accurate, (that assumes a humans using them) they the least damage to wildlife in your garden. If you are to use trimmers, there’s a huge amount of vibration and they are not very accurate, you can easily disturb wildlife that you otherwise wouldn’t have with shears.

The other great thing about shears is the fact that they can’t so neatly. With this year’s cutting so neatly they do minimal damage to trees and shrubs, that means any of the new shrub ends can grow back and regenerate, that gives more opportunity for new growth and potentially for more wildlife to enter the garden and be accommodated According to Garden Toolbox and the dragon flies of Northampton really rely on this greenery too.

Use a rake to clear up rather than a leaf blower.

A rake is far more sensible when it comes to looking after the wildlife in your garden because there’s far less noise. Less sound is a good thing because wildlife can be extremely stressed by the noise. If there’s a human in the garden and they are just using a rake it has far left impact on their everyday life. By Stark contrast, if you use a leaf blower then they make an incredible amount of noise, and do an awful lot of damage to surrounding greenery at the same time. If you use the vacuum setting you can actually also suck up various wildlife insects as well. So overall, its far more sensible to use a rake because it’s just much nicer for the surrounding environment.

In conclusion wherever possible in your garden it’s far better to use hand tools than machines that are powered by electric or petrol. This is because it’s far more natural and does much less damage to the wildlife in general. I hope you enjoyed the article in if you think there’s anything else that we could mention in terms of improving the garden with hand tools then please do get in touch with me. We have no problem publishing your work as long as it’s high-quality and our readership would enjoy it.